About Our Organization

The Council of Faculty collectively represents faculty at the six public universities in the state of Washington: UW, WSU, WWU, CWU, EWU, and TESC. The COF seeks to transcend individual institutional agendas to address the statewide higher education needs of the citizenry of Washington.

The COF offers the most current, accurate and complete perspective on legislative actions for more than 8,000 public higher education faculty in our state. Although we do have input on administrative and academic issues on our individual campuses, the COF uniquely provides the only outlet for faculty from all of Washington’s public baccalaureate institutions to have a statewide voice on issues of higher education.

Higher education faculty at the six public baccalaureate institutions dedicate their lives to teaching and scholarship, in service to Washington’s public interest.   We seek the best for the 115,000 students we teach, mentor and advise.