2019 Legislative Agenda

The Council of Faculty seeks to establish a well-educated citizenry, enable a well-trained workforce, give all students the chance to reach their potential, and ensure a healthy, prosperous future for the state of Washington.

Priority Action Items on the COF Agenda for 2019 legislative session:

  1. Fully Fund and Forecast the State Need Grant/Washington Promise & expand SNG income threshold*
  2. Competitive and Fair Funding Increases of 4% each year of the biennium for Faculty Compensation
  3. Assurance of curricular quality and student success at our universities for students who enrolled in AP, IB, CI programs.

* In the 2018 supplemental budget, funding for the SNG was increased so that now only about 18,000 students who are eligible for the SNG do not receive it due to funding shortages, thus COF) seeks a commitment from the WA state legislature in the 2019-21 biennium for full SNG funding for eligible students.

Other Issues of Interest and Concern

  1. Restore state funding for College Work Study up to level of 10 yrs ago
  2. Placing a faculty member on the Boards of Regents for UW & WSU
  3. How public spaces are used in the context of free speech issues
  4. Expanding access of peer-reviewed journals to all state employees
  5. Whether faculty syllabi must include legislatively mandate language
  6. On-lined educational resources